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4 Tips to Improve CX for Consumer Electronics

4 Tips to Improve CX for Consumer Electronics

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4 Tips to Improve CX for Consumer Electronics

CX, or customer experience, has become a major focus for brands and companies all around the world, and not just those that engage buyers online through their websites, but brands that also interact with customers face-to-face. If you sell consumer electronics, having good CX is perhaps more essential than if you didn’t, simply because purchasing these types of products is usually quite complicated – very few people understand the technical specs of electronics and how it relates to their needs.

You might think you understand what having a good customer experience is, but in today’s age where introducing your product or brand to a customer has never been easier, though in the same breath, has never been harder to get those customers to care, or sometimes, to help them understand what it is you’re offering them, adding to your knowledge of CX has never been more important. That’s what we’re focusing on in this post – increasing your knowledge of CX by delving deep into four tips for improving CX for consumer electronics.

What is the importance of CX?

CX is how your customers feel about your brand while engaging with your brand across channels. Having good CX means your customer’s buyer’s journey is made up of positive impressions, emotions, and experiences: they’re being assisted effectively, have found no problem navigating through your sites, and they’ve ended their journey with some semblance of satisfaction, whether that is from buying what they had set out to buy or by learning something that they felt was of value. Get this right, or rather, have awesome CX, and watch your revenue grow dramatically through increased AOV, customer loyalty, and even brand reputation – never underestimate the power of word-of-mouth.

What are the benefits of improved CX?

As we stated above, purchasing consumer electronics is complicated – there are not many who actually understand the technical specs of whatever product they’re considering, which is why having great CX becomes vital to not only getting that sale but ensuring that the customer actually returns. You want to help your customers make the best purchase decision so that their experience with your business is positive. If they had a hard time achieving their buyer’s goal or bought something that was not what they wanted – because your site failed to effectively communicate your brand or products, there’s a chance that you’ve just lost a customer. This is the benefit of improving your CX! Do this, and your revenue will increase, allowing your brand or company to continue to grow.

4 Tips to Improve CX for Consumer Electronics

1. Understand What Drives Your Customers

Understanding consumer purchases begins when first we come to an understanding of the driving force of their purchase decisions. In other words, what motivated them to start shopping on your site in the first place? Taking time to study customer psychology is step 2 to improving your CX and one of the most important steps to take in general in order that you might be able to build an even greater business than what you’ve already done. Because here’s the thing, knowing your customers is knowing how to ensure their customer experience is smooth, helpful, and most importantly, productive. You will need to consider individual requirements and wants, what they can afford, as well as what their most significant needs are.

Bose uses a conversational assistant to help shoppers identify the right headphones best suited for their needs.

Once you apply yourself to understanding this different motivation you would be taking your business to the next level, fast. And yet, getting this right can be tricky, as there isn’t a one-quick-solve solution – extensive research into customer psychology is the only way to learn how to improve your CX: what steps to take, what site adjustments to make, and what digital tools to install. Put the work in and having impeccable CX will be your golden ticket to greater profits.

2. Use Semantics to Make Content More Discoverable

Now, it’s all very well to have great CX, but how will your customers discover you in the first place so that they might experience your company or brand? In step 3 of how to improve your CX for consumer electronics, making your content discoverable through semantics is the next topic of discussion. Here we want you to understand the importance of implementing particular systems into your semantic markups. Don’t know what that is?

In simple terms, semantics is about adding meaning to your product data so that it’s relatable to customer needs. Ever heard the term “it’s just semantics”? This phrase is used when people are utilizing different words to describe the same thing. Most search capabilities are unable to cut through “semantic differences” to relate phrases to products. Enriching product content with semantics enables your search capabilities to relate technical specs to a customer’s needs in terms that they use to describe a product and helps them understand how a product can fit their need.

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For example, if a customer is trying to buy a laptop that is good for travel, but all they see on your product pages are technical specifications, they may not be able to identify if that laptop is best for their needs and wants. And yet, if your product data is enriched with the right semantics, it will equate a search for a “laptop good for travel” with laptops that have been classified as lightweight, have long battery life, and fit into a carry-on. Having great semantics means these will surface first as the results.

3. Communicate to Customers in Clear and Precise Terms

When it comes to consumer electronics, you want to not only communicate each spec and benefit clearly to your customers, but you also want to highlight that the more expensive options are always better. If your audience is massive sports fans or even avid movie or series watchers, you would need to speak to this passion and interest while communicating your product to them. This shows your customers that you have made an effort in understanding them and have adjusted your product communication accordingly.

Bose ensures shoppers understand why they received a certain recommendation by referencing the stated needs and preferences of the customer on the results page.

Doing this is a prime example of great CX – your customers are being spoken to on a deeper level, one that they will undoubtedly appreciate and, therefore, would respond to by leaning toward purchasing that premium item. Your greatest selling tool is your ability to meet your customers on their level, to speak to their inner desires and longings. You don’t want to overcomplicate product details but rather redefine your approach to connecting with your audience.

4. Offer Discovery Experiences to Help Customers

Listen, in today’s digital age, things change and develop fast. Product discovery is about more than just getting your products in front of customers but is about the experience you offer them. Offering a great experience is changing the game and redefining retail, and exactly what helps turn shoppers into loyal customers. How do you do this? Well, shopping on your site or in your store needs to be intuitive, inspirational, and delightful. Here are a few examples to consider:

  • Keep your homepage or storefront updated
  • Ensure your landing pages and products pages are relevant
  • Make web navigation clear and intuitive
  • Optimize your search bar and the results that show up
  • Incorporate conversational assistants to help combat choice paralysis
  • Always be prepared for new site visitors

Fast-track CX Success with AI

Implementing great CX into your business does not need to be an overly complicated task, and nor is it when you’ve got the right tools set in place. Here at Zoovu, our primary goal is to deliver automated systems that help businesses deliver on their customer satisfaction objectives. We specialize in providing AI-powered tools that get the job done, and that improves a customer’s buyer’s journey so that they’re guaranteed to return. We want your CX to be on another level so that you’re constantly seeing customer loyalty growth, revenue growth, and of course, business growth. To learn more about how to get started with AI, get in touch with us today.