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12 Ecommerce Product Finder Examples to Inspire You

12 Ecommerce Product Finder Examples to Inspire You

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12 Ecommerce Product Finder Examples to Inspire You

Intuitive product finders are valuable digital tools for ecommerce brands. These interactive guides streamline the shopping experience and provide product recommendations tailored to each customer’s unique use case and preferences. Rather than overloading browsers with options, finders simplify selection.

In this post, we’ll explore how leading brands use ecommerce product finders to delight customers and maximize conversions. See real examples of these tools. Plus, learn why implementing an effective product finder is the modern solution for reducing choice complexity and guiding customers seamlessly to purchase.

What is a Product Finder?

A product finder is an interactive digital tool that guides customers through a series of questions or filters to recommend the ideal product tailored to their specific needs and preferences. These finders simplify and personalize the selection process.

How does that happen? First, customers fill in important criteria like intended use, size requirements, color preferences, or desired features. Then, the finder uses algorithms to analyze this data and suggest the best-matched products from a brand’s range. Top recommendations show detailed product pages, specs, and photos. They also call out the specific reasons why each option is a good fit.

These tools make it easier to navigate a company’s full lineup by narrowing down the options based on a shopper’s unique needs. The most effective finders provide an intuitive step-by-step experience, educating shoppers on which product attributes matter most for their situation. Ultimately, a great product finder replaces guesswork with personalized recommendations.

Why Product Finders are Important for Brands in 2024

Potential customers have an endless number of options available to them in just a few clicks. Product finders have become an essential tool for brands to enhance the shopping experience Even when there’s a large catalog available, these intuitive guides simplify product discovery and selection.

For brands, an effective product finder leads to higher conversion rates and fewer returns by ensuring consumers purchase the items that suit them best. They build trust and confidence by providing a consultative, personalized experience tailored to shopper needs. These finders and the way customers respond to them can also provide important insights about the market. 

For example, when asked about personalized perks they would be willing to exchange their personal information for, 22% of U.S. consumers mentioned a product specifically designed for them, tailored to their exact preferences. 21% also indicated their willingness to exchange personal data for an expedited and highly targeted search experience.

As consumers expect more guidance and curation, product finders have become the solution for reducing complexity. They allow brands to use product knowledge to better highlight the right solutions. The brands providing the most intuitive, personalized finders will see more purchases and an increase in loyal customers. 

3 Specific Ways Ecommerce Product Finders Improve Online Shopping

The benefits of adding a product finder are clear, but what are the specific impacts that brands can expect? This is how ecommerce product finders improve online shopping. 

1. Providing the Right Recommendations at Scale 

Having a product finder tool streamlines the shopping experience by providing tailored recommendations to every customer, every time. It can translate complex product details into simple, consumer-friendly terms, increasing customer engagement and satisfaction.

2. Showing Relevant Upselling and Cross-selling Opportunities

Effective upselling and cross-selling benefit everyone, from browsers to customers and the brand. Still, some ecommerce businesses haven’t found the best way to capitalize on these opportunities.

Upsells: This involves getting the customer to upgrade their purchase. For example, promoting a more expensive version of a computer accessory that a customer is thinking of buying.

Cross-sells:  This involves promoting related products that are close to other products in a similar group. For example, promoting blush together with a makeup brush.

Despite the correlation of increased average order value, very few e-commerce sites are effectively surfacing the complimentary products to drive cross-sells and upsells. According to Baymard Institute, 68% of desktop sites don’t provide enough information for cross-sells on the product detail pages. Product finders can fix this. 

3. Increasing Trust and Loyalty With the Brand

The curated recommendations can also introduce customers to new products or categories they may not have considered otherwise. This can give them a reason to keep coming back to your site and buy from your brand. In fact, over half of consumers report that they will become repeat customers after having a personalized experience.

12 Ecommerce Product Finder Examples to Inspire You

Wondering what this technology looks like in practice? Explore these examples of product finders and discover why they’re working for top ecommerce brands. 

1. Bosch Accessories Product Finder 

This product finder from Bosch offers a comprehensive interface to help customers locate and select from a wide range of tool accessories. They can navigate through various categories like drills, saws, routers, and more – to easily find compatible accessories for Bosch tools. This user-focused service emphasizes convenience and innovation.

2. Canon Lens Finder

Canon’s lens finder assists photographers and videographers in selecting the perfect lens for their Canon cameras. Customers specify their camera model and desired photography type—portrait, landscape, or sports—through a straightforward interface to find suitable lenses. 

From there, they can gain detailed information about each lens: specifications, benefits, and compatibility. This empowers customers to make informed decisions and enhance their photographic equipment without overwhelm. 

3. Medichecks Test Finder 

The Medichecks product finder simplifies navigating a range of health tests. The finder covers areas like hormone levels and general wellness. Then, it’s possible to select tests based on specific health concerns or goals. Customers can choose at-home or clinic-based testing options. Well-organized descriptions and recommendations guide people in making informed decisions about health monitoring.

4. Craftsman Lawn Mower Finder 

This lawn mower finder dedicates itself to helping customers select the ideal lawn mower from Craftsman’s extensive lineup. Filter mowers based on type, power source, and terrain through this user-friendly interface. Browsers can find and purchase a mower that best suits their lawn care needs and preferences using detailed product information.

5. Ingersoll Rand Parts Finder Assistant 

Customers can quickly identify and purchase genuine Ingersoll Rand replacement parts with the Parts Finder Assistant. Customers enter the air compressor’s model information to explore compatible components across air ends, motors, coolers, and more. Detailed part specifications and descriptions ensure a match. This digital tool streamlines maintenance so customers can keep critical equipment running well.

6. Dick’s Sporting Goods Soccer Cleat Finder

The Soccer Cleat Finder ensures that customers get the right footwear for their game. They answer a few simple questions about the size of shoes they normally wear and their skill level. From there, they receive tailored recommendations across top brands like Nike, Adidas, and Puma. Clear information on each cleat’s features like firm ground or turf soles, guides them to the ideal traction and fit.

7. Dick’s Sporting Goods Tent Finder

This Tent Finder from Dick’s Sporting Goods makes selecting a tent simple for any outdoor adventure. Customers specify their camping needs. This includes the number of campers and desired features.

From here, customers can browse recommended tent styles, shapes, and capacities built for your trip. Straightforward comparisons of floor dimensions, peak heights, and materials help them find a tent providing the perfect portable shelter.

8. Dick’s Sporting Goods Sleeping Bag Finder

The Sleeping Bag Finder helps customers stay warm and rested on any camping trip. First, people share what temperatures they expect. Next, they share details about their shape and insulation preferences. User-friendly guidance on each bag’s fill, liners, and sizing delivers the product they need.

9. Under Armour Running Shoe Finder

Under Armour’s Running Shoe finder interactively helps customers select the best running shoes for their needs. They input preferences like running style and size. Then they receive personalized recommendations to enhance performance.

10. ROSE Rollentrainer Finder 

This product finder from ROSE helps cyclists find the ideal indoor trainer. Three trainer types are categorized: interactive trainers for realistic, app-controlled experiences, basic trainers for resistance training, and free training rollers for balance and technique. Detailed comparisons of features, benefits, and prices help customers make a selection aligned with their indoor cycling goals.

11. Lucky Bike Finder

The Lucky Bike Finder assists customers in selecting the ideal bicycle tailored to their needs and preferences. This solution will guide them through selection with questions about intended usage, preferences, and physical specifications. Then, it will suggest the best matches across all the bikes available.

12. Columbia Jacket Finder

The Columbia Jacket Finder offers a tool for selecting the ideal jacket tailored to individual needs. Customers can filter jackets by features like waterproofing, insulation, and specific activities. This user-friendly interface streamlines finding products for their outdoor or casual needs.

13. LEGO Gift Finder 

This unique gift finder tool helps customers select the perfect LEGO set for themselves or someone in their life. They answer a few simple questions about the recipient’s age, interests, and skill level. Then, they receive tailored recommendations from LEGO’s collection. This user-friendly tool takes the guesswork out of LEGO shopping.

14. Microsoft PC Finder

The Microsoft PC Finder tool guides customers through selecting the ideal computer. First, they answer questions about intended usage. That could be work, studying, entertainment, or gaming.

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In the end, they receive personalized recommendations for laptop and desktop options. These recommendations match their requirements for performance, portability, and budget. Detailed specifications ensure that all customers can make an informed choice before their purchase.

15. BT Phone Finder

The BT Phone Finder simplifies choosing the right home phone for each customer’s lifestyle. They can navigate through options based on key features like call blocking, nuisance call prevention, and big buttons for easy use. 

Users can also select cordless, digital, or analog models based on their household’s needs. Clear comparisons of each phone’s capabilities empower them to find the ideal communication solution.

16. KitchenAid Stand Mixer Finder

The KitchenAid Stand Mixer Finder tailors recommendations to match customers’ passions. It’s possible to explore KitchenAid’s iconic mixers by specifying color preferences, bowl capacity needs, and desired attachments. 

User-friendly guidance highlights each model’s power, bowl dimensions, and included accessories. This way, customers can find the perfect countertop companion to elevate their culinary creations.

17. Trek Bike Finder

The Trek Bike Finder helps customers select the ideal bicycle by filtering options based on preferences and needs. The finder works to accommodate cycling styles and goals: road biking, mountain biking, or casual riding. This empowers people to browse Trek’s extensive range efficiently with expert guidance.

18. Trek Saddle Finder 

Trek’s Saddle Finder guides cyclists to find the perfect saddle for their biking needs. They follow a selection process based on riding style, comfort preferences, and specific activities. This makes it easy to find a saddle that supports their posture and enhances the riding experience.

Customer Spotlight: Trek

Trek is a Zoovu customer who has seen the power that a product finder has on their business. Take a look at their story.

Problem: With an extensive range of over 300 bicycle models and variations, Trek faced the challenge of guiding customers through the selection process—especially troubling for novice riders. The complexity of choice risked overwhelming customers, leading to indecision and lost sales opportunities.

Solution: With Zoovu’s e-commerce personalization platform, Trek streamlined the bicycle selection process. By developing a web-based Bike Finder, Trek leveraged an AI-driven Q&A flow, making it effortless for customers to identify their ideal bicycle. The solution’s seamless integration with Trek’s ecommerce website ensured a cohesive user experience, both functionally and aesthetically. 

Want to see more customer stories? Find out more about what Zoovu customers are saying about our solutions.

Ready to Get Better Results With an Ecommerce Product Finder?

As customers demand more guidance and personalization from brands, implementing an intuitive product finder is no longer just a luxury. It’s a necessity to stay competitive and hit your sales goals. These interactive tools transform overwhelming choices into confident purchase decisions by providing consultative selection journeys tailored to each shopper’s needs.

Leading brands use product finders to educate customers on which product attributes truly matter for their use case while providing the ideal recommendations from extensive catalogs. This elevated shopping experience drives higher conversion rates, fewer returns, and a better customer experience.

Offering a best-in-class product finder that simplifies and enhances discovery is the modern solution for meeting and exceeding consumer expectations. The brands delivering the most intuitive, personalized finders will create faster paths to purchase and have more loyal customers.

Looking for a way to implement product recommendations in your online store at scale? Check out a product discovery platform like Zoovu. Request a demo here.