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customer experience tips for consumer electronics brands
4 Tips to Improve CX for Consumer Electronics
CX, or customer experience, has become a major focus for brands and companies all around the world, and not just those that engage buyers online through their websites, but brands that also interact with customers…
benefits of content discovery for b2b manufacturing
Benefits of Content Discovery for B2B Manufacturers [Infographic]
The B2B digital commerce market continues to experience record growth, in 2021 B2B manufacturers saw an 18.4% increase in sales on digital channels. In fact, that growth rate is 1.45 times greater than the growth…
content discovery sharp electronics
Q&A with SHARP Consumer Electronics: How SHARP Delivers Content Discovery Experiences with Zoovu
Prior to the age of streaming, buying a TV was all about size, picture quality, and perhaps, if it could connect to a larger audiovisual system. Now, consumers need to know if it’s WiFi enabled,…