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With $169 Million in Funding, Zoovu Embarks on a Global Mission to Improve Content Discovery

With $169 Million in Funding, Zoovu Embarks on a Global Mission to Improve Content Discovery

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Today marks an important moment in Zoovu’s journey as we announced our $169 million Series C funding led by FTV Capital, a sector-focused growth equity investor in innovative enterprise technology & services based in New York City.   

I would like to thank FTV Capital for understanding the value that our all-in-one AI-driven discovery platform brings to the market through the reduced time needed to find contextually relevant content to 48x ROI by providing customers with what they need and want. 

This latest funding ensures that we continue to accelerate our investment in AI Discovery by being able to further our focus on 3 core elements:  

  1. Continued development in our AI content tagging capability dramatically accelerates transforming non-structured content (e.g., PDFs) into 100% accurate, machine-ready-product content that is then used to facilitate superior content navigation and discovery.
  2. Investment in automation features and capabilities aimed at increasing operational efficiencies and reducing resource dependency to help our customers improve productivity while still benefiting from driving sales and attaining ROI.
  3. Growing our presence in the US with a focus on expanding our go-to-market team in Boston, which serves as our global headquarters, to support our growing North American customer base.  

 With these commitments to our product in motion, our mission to be the global leader in contextual discovery remains clear: ensuring businesses from all sectors can help their customers find what they are looking for with ease and accuracy on digital channels. Zoovu’s intuitive, all-in-one AI platform is built to support enterprise businesses by delivering contextual content discovery experiences that improve operational efficiencies and drive revenue.  

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Lastly, I would like to thank Zoovu’s employees and customers. Our employees’ dedication to creating and delivering an exceptional platform has undeniably been a significant part of our success over the last few years. Our customers’ investment in our platform and desire to be at the forefront of adopting innovative approaches to the customer experience on ecommerce channels.