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Life at Zoovu: An Interview with Vera Mayer

Life at Zoovu: An Interview with Vera Mayer

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Life at Zoovu: An Interview with Vera Mayer

In this series, we’ll be interviewing Zoovu employees across all departments and regions. They’ll give us insight into what life at Zoovu is like and how their roles make an impact in delivering AI-driven product content discovery experiences.

  1. Tell me your name, your role, and where you’re based.

    My name is Vera Mayer and I am the Vice President of Training Content and Enablement. I’m based out of our Vienna office.
  2. How long have you been working at Zoovu? And how did you find out about the company?

    I started out at SmartAssistant back in 2011 (before it merged with Zoovu in 2018). Back then, it was a 20-person start-up with innovative technology and an exciting mission. I met the founders when I was working on my thesis for my Bachelor’s degree and joined after graduating.
  3. Let’s dive deeper into your role, how does it play into the company’s overall success?

    Zoovu is very powerful and serves a wide range of use cases that help people find what they need. My role is to help our users, businesses, partners, and the team to implement successful solutions with the Zoovu Product Suite. To do this, we develop courses around using Zoovu and share best practices, tips, and strategies. Any company can use Zoovu to provide targeted and personalized online advice to its customers. My goal is to support them along the way. 
  4. What’s a recent project you are really proud of?

    We’ve recently launched Zoovu Pioneers, an exclusive learning space with courses, and interactive modules to grow skills and get certified. You can get really creative when working with the Zoovu products and we want to inspire our users with some practical examples and scenarios.  It’s really fun to work as a team on training that supports and educates users while also being enjoyable. And I hope that comes across
  5. Describe your colleagues at Zoovu in 3 words.

    Smart, kind, and committed.
  6. What about Zoovu’s product and our mission resonates with you the most?

    Making better use of the infinite possibilities of the digital world: Helping people save time and resources, and finding the right solution for their needs. Technology opens up these possibilities for us.
  7. What do you like the most about Zoovu’s culture?

    The best part of Zoovu’s culture is how we are encouraged to be open-minded and continually learn and grow as individual contributors and as a company. Working at Zoovvu means bringing ideas to life, being result-oriented, and being proactive across teams.
  8. Which customer do you think has the coolest product discovery experience and why?

    That’s a difficult question! But I’ll have to go with the Pillow Finder from Kally Sleep. It’s designed to be very entertaining and needs-oriented. The products on the results are well explained – makes you realize it’s time to update your pillows!

9. Now for the fun question, if Zoovu was a cartoon character who would it be?

Lisa Simpson — she’s innovative, driven, and never afraid of a challenge.