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Introducing Experience Designer: A New Way to Create Product Discovery Experiences

Introducing Experience Designer: A New Way to Create Product Discovery Experiences

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Today, we are excited to launch Experience Designer – a new way to design and customize product discovery experiences within Zoovu.

Over the past few years, companies have shifted strategies to online channels to meet the changing behaviors and habits of their customers – regardless of industry. As a result, more investment is being put towards people with digital skillets including design, development, data, and more software to drive operational efficiency and to keep up with a constantly evolving digital landscape.

It’s important for organizations to find the right platforms that align with the goal and benefits of superior customer experiences and the skillset of their workforce. Yet, many platforms fall short of delivering a user experience that is easy to use and empowers employees with diverse backgrounds across disciplines.

Simply put, stakeholders and decision-makers want to invest in platforms that drive results and help transform their business without having to worry if their employees will face a steep learning curve.

Creating and leveraging on-brand product discovery experiences like these from Gerber and Ingersoll Rand can be easy – with the right platform.

At Zoovu, we want to equip customers with intuitive, easy-to-use tools within our platform that excite teams when building new product discovery experiences.  We know creating engaging, eye-catching product discovery experiences shouldn’t require a design degree or expertise in coding.

Being at the forefront of the no-code revolution means driving innovation within web product discovery, we opt to strive for a better way and put our decades’ worth of knowledge to work. We have taken our knowledge, insights, and best practices from analyzing 10,00s of digital assistants to develop our intuitive Experience Designer.

This new core component of the Zoovu platforms enables users of all skill sets and knowledge to tackle projects and initiatives that previously required teams of experts to tackle.

Experience Designer lets you create and build web product discovery experiences faster, so your customers can start engaging tomorrow, not in months.

Experience Designer is a game-changer in product discovery solutions. It gives you the freedom to create, design, manage, and develop product discoveries that are aligned with your brand and industry without sacrificing style.

Within Experience Designer, customers benefit from:

  • Modular, truly self-service design capability – change, create, or alter every element and text
  • Ability to build your own library of assets and access to an extensive pre-existing library of assets ranging – making A/B testing as easy and as drag & drop
  • Using the “save as” feature to templates for future assistants and design unified translations
  • Freedom to express your organization’s creativity and brand without going over budget and pushing launch timelines repeatedly

We developed Experience Designer to help customers build faster, save time, and results sooner while elevating your digital experience with best-in-class discovery experiences.  The UX is sleek and approachable, as visualized below:

Experience Designer lets you create and build web product discovery experiences faster, so your customers can start engaging tomorrow, not in months.

Building web product discovery experiences should be as easy and intuitive as how the end-user will engage with it. Experience Designer ensures that and more.

What makes Experience Designer the perfect tool for designing new product discovery experiences?

It gives you the freedom to create. Customize your experiences and streamline design process by selecting industry-leading templates, designer fonts, and color palettes that fit your brand’s style and professional needs.

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It helps you scale product discovery faster. Use optimized templates and designs from Experience Designer to reuse designed themes for other experiences.

It makes products stand out. Decide and manage exactly how your products are presented to your buyers – ensuring your products are displayed in their best light.

It showcases responsive options. Create responsive layouts and content to ensure all product discovery experiences look great on all screen sizes: desktop, mobile, tablet, or kiosk.

It requires no coding skills. Experience Designer lets you effectively sell your products with no design coding or outside support.

Now that you know why you should use Zoovu’s Experience Designer for creating best-in-class product discovery experiences, go ahead and start elevating the digital presence today.