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SAP Taps Zoovu to Participate in Prestigious Program for Spring 2022

SAP Taps Zoovu to Participate in Prestigious Program for Spring 2022

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SAP Taps Zoovu to Participate in Prestigious Program for Spring 2022

Creating and strengthening partnerships is at the core of my role as the SVP of Global Alliances and Channels here at Zoovu. This spring, we launched our global partnership with SAP, the market leader in enterprise application software, to drive greater awareness of Zoovu’s AI Product Discovery platform amongst SAP’s worldwide customer base which generates 87% of total global commerce. With complementing technology, we have numerous mutual customers who have seen the power of combining Zoovu and SAP to scale, refine, and grow their digital commerce sales experiences.

As long as I’ve been in partnerships, I’ve been a firm believer in the “better together” partner first approach to developing, executing, and fostering strong, long-lasting relationships with the organization and the people who we engage and work with. A partnership is strongest when both parties understand the intrinsic value of working together to make an impact.

This is why Zoovu’s invitation to participate in is particularly exciting. The program is an accelerator led by the corporate development arm of SAP that was established to support and scale emerging technology leaders while providing SAP customers with best-in-class innovative solutions that easily integrate with their existing tech stack. Each cohort focuses on different aspects of business and commerce, the Spring 2022 cohort is all about customer experience. As an already established and listed SAP partner, Zoovu was chosen out of dozens of companies to participate as our product elevates and delivers an exceptional customer experience through data-driven AI product discovery.

Working Together for Better Ecommerce Customer Experience

At the program’s core, essentially creates a short list of products that SAP sees as having extraordinary value for its customer base. We were tapped as our product discovery platform complements and enhances the SAP Customer Experience suite to supercharge product discovery and deliver a connected customer experience for B2B and B2C companies. The benefit to being in this select cohort is not merely exposure, but it’s the additional value offers the companies who participate. As a participant Zoovu gains:

  • Mentorship from industry leaders who provide guidance and support
  • Collaborative feedback sessions with participants from across business functions like sales, marketing, product, etc.

All of this is done in the spirit of fostering deeper connections and winning customers together, as partners. We’ve been lucky enough to have successful use cases of mutual customers like Bosch, Dyson, and Vodafone already using Zoovu to supercharge their e2e CX suite by delivering product discovery experiences.

Since the program started, we’ve focused on highlighting the ease of integrating Zoovu within SAP’s CX suite to create a truly frictionless experience for customers wherever they are. As someone who firmly believes partners are better when we work together, I’ve been excited to see how has enabled Zoovu to strengthen our GTM strategy as a partnership and help us scale. Through the program we can tell the story of Zoovu and how SAP customers can benefit from integrating product discovery experiences into their digital commerce strategy to ensure customers find what they’re looking for – whether it’s a laptop or a mobile phone plan, or configuring safety devices.

A partnership is also about the people who make up the relationship. The team is full of insightful and proactive leaders striving to deliver the best-in-class products that add immediate value to SAP customers. Our DACH team attended COMMIT in May which was CX focused event for SAP customers led by Thomas Keil, an SAP sales leader based in Germany, who presented the latest in customer experience and what their customers should be adopting to enhance it. These types of opportunities provide Zoovu with additional insight into how we can continue our mission of making product discovery easy.

As we expand and strengthen our partnership, it’s clear Zoovu’s solution is unique and necessary for a truly successful and frictionless digital commerce experience. Not having a product discovery solution is like having a store with no salespeople – you may get some foot traffic, but conversions will be low and customers won’t be satisfied with the experience. It’s a win-win for all when Zoovu is integrated into a digital commerce strategy – and we’re glad that SAP is on the team with us.