Customer Lifecycle

Rethink post-purchase experiences by focusing on guidance, support, and gratitude.
Post-Purchase Customer Experience: 5 Ways to Improve Digital Customer Service and Support (+Drive Customer Loyalty)
You finally made the sale! Exciting, isn’t it? You’re tempted to lean back, close your eyes and relax. After all, you need the rest considering your “conversion” efforts.  Sounds good, doesn’t it?  Believe it or…
telco cx churn reduction strategy
CX in Telecoms: 5 Strategies to Increase ARPU and Reduce Churn
You can’t ignore it anymore.  As a Telco, you’ve probably experienced sudden product and service cancellations. You don’t understand it.  Doesn’t everyone need technology? Isn’t the internet a regular thing now?  So what’s the reason…
Providing post-purchase support with digital assistants will increase the likelihood of customers repurchasing.
Extending The Customer Lifecycle With Digital Assistants
80% of consumers want brands to provide post-purchase support, this extends to tips, troubleshooting, and making it easier to do self-diagnostics and repairs without calling a technician. Consumers want access to reliable, easy to navigate…