Customer Experience

Digital interactions are necessarily becoming more human-friendly.
Why Humanizing Technology is the Next Logical Step
Social media. Virtual reality. Internet of Things. Artificial Intelligence. Technology and humans are becoming ever enmeshed. We rely on technology like never before; we use it to stay in touch, complete work, get the news,…
Shopper types
Are You Prepared For The 4 Types of Shoppers Coming To You?
At any given moment there are 4 different types of shoppers coming to your store. Depending on the product domain, their intentions, preferences and product knowledge, they want to explore and navigate your store in…
Decisions Are Emotional. The 8 Emotional States That Influence Purchase Decisions
We tend to believe that our decisions are based on a rational or analytical processing of our options. We like to believe that we’re in control, that our assessments lead us to making the right…