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Report: How COVID-19 Altered Consumer Behavior

Report: How COVID-19 Altered Consumer Behavior

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Report: How COVID-19 Altered Consumer Behavior

In under two months, ecommerce growth accelerated by 4 to 6 years as a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic with consumers across the globe turning to digital channels to buy everything from groceries to exercise equipment to arts and crafts. Retailers scrambled to adjust their strategies toward digital-first, and adapted formerly “niche purchasing methods” like Click and Collect to keep up with the surge of demand. COVID-19’s impact on ecommerce is two-fold: consumers are more critical and adept with their online shopping choices, and retailers have heard the message “ecommerce is mandatory” loud and clear.

While we know why consumer behaviors altered so swiftly, how did they evolve and what are the lasting trends? What lessons can be learned for retailers from the successes and mistakes of ecommerce acceleration as we look at the future of retail? What are the technologies and experiences that are required to overcome the challenges of today and tomorrow as we look at the next 9-12 months?

In our latest report, “The COVID-Consumer: How Consumer Behavior Shifted amid the Pandemic & Why You Need to Adjust Your Digital Strategy” we use Gartner’s framework of the three phases of the pandemic’s impact from the first few weeks of the shutdown to redirecting and accepting new realities.

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We provide analysis and insights from across the ecommerce ecosystem to contextualize and distill the long-lasting trends and lessons needed to succeed in the post-COVID retail landscape. By doing so, we provide retailers a clear path to developing frictionless customer journeys focused on providing consumers with personalized guidance and engagement throughout the path to purchase, and ensuring support and assistance extends to the post-purchase experience to foster brand loyalty.