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What consumers purchased week of April 11-17th

What consumers purchased week of April 11-17th

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What consumers purchased week of April 11-17th

As we enter week 6 in social isolation, our dependence on ecommerce remains vital. Consumers are turning to new channels and brands to purchase as their preferred retailers struggle to keep up with demand. Think with Google released new data stating “over 25% of U.S. consumers can’t find what they want or need” as a result of relying solely on digital commerce channels to purchase during the pandemic. While we may be shifting where we spend, its evident consumers remain interested in purchasing the same categories week after week with slight changes in trending categories due to better weather. For the week of April 11th-17th, what did consumers buy and why? 

Top Digital Commerce Performers Week of April 11th 

Wine, beer & spirits 

Sales for wine, beer, and spirits have been consistently strong through the pandemic on a global level. In the third week of March alone sales jumped 55%, as consumers stay at home and look to take the edge off. While spirits see slower growth with an increase of 20%+ rate, wine purchases are up  66% and beer a steady 42%. Average order values are also up 20% indicating consumers are stocking up on alcohol just like they are with essentials. 

Whether its subscription businesses like Winc seeing a 578% increase in new member sign up or Vivino, a wine app with an ecommerce store, experiencing better-than the Black Friday numbers with a global increase of 162%, wine may come out as the alcohol of choice during the pandemic. With so many options and time to try new things, businesses selling alcohol can help shoppers find the best adult beverage for them with digital assistants like this from Amazon. 

Activities “for kids” 

Google Trends reported a 350% increase in searches for “activities to keep kids busy” as the top trend on a global level. Parents who are balancing work-from-home while their kids learn remotely are searching for time-consuming, interactive activities that lean towards education. Interest in “home science experiments for kids” surged by 2600% in searches during the week of April 11-April 17th.  One activity does not fit all: it’s important for brands and retailers to assist parents in identifying the right activities for their kids based on age, interest, ease of use, and other unique factors. 


Like alcohol, cannabis and CBD may be “recession proof.” Sales for CBD products with their alleged benefits to alleviate stress and anxiety have seen upto 10x increases. One premium hemp brand, Prima, saw 10 times as many of its daily CBD supplements in one week in March. It’s important to note this is the first global crisis the cannabis and CBD market is legally allowed to sell products in major markets like the United States and Canada. Many of these purchasers are new to using cannabis related products, and should be provided with guidance and support as they buy. Fleur Marche, a CBD brand created to help women navigate the confusing world of cannabis related products, uses a digital assistant to recommend the perfect CBD regimen. Try it out below:

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Brand loyalty 

Most shoppers sway toward certain brands when they are shopping whether it’s a private label for that store or a national brand they’ve used for years. During this outbreak, consumers have thrown brand loyalty out the window, with 69% of them purchasing different brands if their preferred one is not in stock. While it is largely due product availability, lack of brand loyalty can help smaller brands or retailers make a positive impression on consumers to become a trusted brand of choice.