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Curated Commerce – Key to Positive Shopping Experiences in a Digital World

Curated Commerce – Key to Positive Shopping Experiences in a Digital World

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Curated Commerce – Key to Positive Shopping Experiences in a Digital World

The shift to digital storefronts and the rise in the sheer number of products flooding those digital shelves is not ideal.

Not for buyers and not for sellers.

Offering a large amount of choice, without choosing support, only makes it harder for customers to actually make a choice. It leads to indecisiveness, increases the perceived risk of making the wrong choice, and invites buyer’s remorse.

Another crucial effect is that customers might refrain from purchases altogether, paradoxically reducing the chances for you to make a sale.

Buyers prefer shopping for items that catch their attention and are relevant to them and their situation, instead of navigating through a sea of random products that have nothing to do with them. Curated Commerce helps them discover items they’d like to purchase.

Here are some examples of how companies in different industries use Digital Advice solutions to curate and personalize digital shopping experiences based on a shopper’s needs and preferences: Live Examples

If you’re still in doubt that this is something you should consider, here are five solid reasons and expert opinions why businesses should take their roles as curators more seriously.

1. Differentiate

By means of curation, you can add a lot more value to the buyer’s experience as you’ll help them save time and effort. It’s a way how businesses can position themselves uniquely in the market and differentiate by offering something unique which others don’t: Advice, Inspiration, and Education. Shoppers are much more likely to shop with you again and become loyal customers if you offer a better experience than your competitors. Curated experiences have been found to increase customer engagement, conversions, AOVs and frequency of sales.

art suriano tsi company on curated commerce

2. Compete

Competing by engaging in price wars or expanding the product breadth is not a viable option for businesses that feel the pressure of the bottom line. By using digital technologies to integrate curated, personalized experiences, you’re giving each customer a valuable customer experience and a reason to shop with you. It is an opportunity to inspire loyalty and foster stronger, more meaningful relationships with customers.

ken morris retail partners on curated commerce

3. Choice overload

More choice is not necessarily a good thing, as it’s easy for customers to get lost in product grids. It essentially means more work for customers and can deter them from making a purchase. With curated experiences, you can take the stress out of shopping, help shoppers narrow down the choices and ultimately, make it easier for them to make a purchase.

bob phibbs retail doctor on curated commerce

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4. Intelligent Discovery

Curated Commerce targets time-poor customers and those who do not know exactly which product they need. It helps them discover interesting or new products based on their individual tastes, needs, lifestyles, and preferences. Curated Commerce satisfies their demand for personalized and quick shopping experiences.

cate trotter insider trends on curated commerce

5. Personal Touch

If made available, customers appreciate the knowledgeable advice from store experts and well-informed sales consultants. By delivering curated experiences that blend the best of both worlds – speed and convenience of online shopping and the personal touch of in-store shopping – you can guide customers in a more comprehensive way.

Effectively curating shopping experiences can have a positive impact on your relationship with customers. Apart from making it easier for them to discover products they want and needs, curated commerce is also a powerful way to attract new customers who appreciate straightforward, simplified shopping experiences.