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Commerce Syndication: How to Set Up a Successful Program

Commerce Syndication: How to Set Up a Successful Program

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Commerce Syndication: How to Set Up a Successful Program

These days, it’s not enough to work hard on scaling your business anymore, but to work smart. Working smart produces better results without demanding the sweat from your brow, requiring less time while being a lot more rewarding. And in today’s digital age, product content syndication is becoming one hell-of-a-smart way to expand your brand’s online presence and drive revenue.

Product content syndication is one of the most effective ways to build your reputation and audience online. But getting your product content syndication ready first means understanding it and the benefits of having a syndication program in place. Without one, managing the different requirements that each channel partner requires can be incredibly challenging, threatening your customer’s chances of engaging with your brand or product in a positive, helpful way. It is why we put this article together – to help you understand how to set up a commerce syndication program that works! 

What is channel partner syndication?

Syndication is another term for distribution or publication. Businesses syndicate their products through multiple channels like wholesalers and retail stores. It’s a complex but critical process that helps a business deliver its products to its entire channel, no matter how far that channel stretches. But the most crucial aspect of syndication is supplying the products and the information on the products. By providing the right information, businesses are helping their channel partners market and sell their products more effectively

How to set up a Content Syndication Strategy

Businesses need to be strategic when expanding distribution channels, to be able to scale and manage their syndication program in order for their teams to be successful. To help you achieve this, here are 5 ways to successfully set up the right content syndication strategy: 

1. Having a central source of truth for all product content and Information

The aim of your product syndication is to make sure your customers are experiencing the same experience whenever they interact with your product, and wherever they are in the world. Getting this right requires the right technology that enables constant updates to your syndication program and constant refreshes, and that distributes your product data across your channels to the right place, at the right time, and in the right format. 

With the right supporting technology, your product information will be delivered and tailored to your customer’s unique needs, providing an added element to customer engagement with your business and with your product. 

2. Enriched Product Content

If you have incomplete, siloed, and inconsistent product data, syndication is very challenging, and with today’s industries continually changing with a flurry of mergers and acquisitions, the right technology and Al-powered products are becoming more and more of an essential part of ensuring a business in this digital age runs successfully and effectively. 

By providing enriched product content that changes how your customers feel and engage with your products, you’re providing them with the correct information and data that will result in cross-channel sales, drive efficient content syndication, and enable compliance and product transparency.

3. Picking the Right Channels

Where are your buyers/customers purchasing from? This is a question that should be asked every time you’re looking to expand, and it comes with an answer that will generally introduce you to some brand-new challenges that, without a syndication program set in place, will force you to be much more selective on which marketplace will be advantageous for your businesseach destination has its own requirements and process, and those processes can change with or without notice. But with the right technology, you’re equipped to meet these hurdles that want to disrupt your revenue stream by being the solution to the problem. 

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But in case you thought that would be your only consideration when it comes to picking the right channels, consider another factor that could have dire ramifications for your business–low-authoritative sites. You definitely don’t want to syndicate your products on sites that have less authority than yours, or that are not relevant to your business or brand. Finding the right sites means having a look at their authority, and who are the people who shop there. Does syndicating your product on these sites make sense? Evaluate, assess, and then act 

4. Using Web Discovery Experiences

With syndication, you can now stand out on channel partner sites by providing product discovery experiences like digital assistants and configurators. These help drive revenue for both you and the channel partner, ensuring not only a growing business on your end but a stronger partnership between you and the channels that are benefiting from your web discovery tools. By enhancing a customer’s experience with  Al-powered products, you’re ensuring faster growth for your business, longevity between partners, and achieving every business’s most challenging objective – winning customer loyalty.

5. Optimize & Learn

If you use a product discovery platform to fuel syndication, you’ll get insights into product performance/preferences without needing to rely on channel partners to provide that. This can help you improve experiences across channels, and allow you to optimize so that you can continue to be effective in driving sales, building customer loyalty and growing your business potential. The more data you’re receiving on what your customers need, how they behave, and what they’re looking for, the easier it will be to accommodate them no matter where they are. 

Are you ready to set up your ecommerce syndication plan?

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