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4 Ways Automation Helps Reduce Ecommerce Merchandising Costs

4 Ways Automation Helps Reduce Ecommerce Merchandising Costs

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4 Ways Automation Helps Reduce Ecommerce Merchandising Costs

We’ve said it before: COVID-19 had a monumental impact on how people go about their shopping. The pandemic sent everyone online, changing how retail stores and business owners conduct their marketing and services, forcing them to re-evaluate customer experience and how to properly compete with competitors. The game had changed, but thankfully, the new rules were simple: enter Al-powered tools that do the heavy lifting for you.

With an effective eCommerce merchandising strategy, your digital commerce presence fights back against reoccurring costs, slipping behind competitors, and losing customers through ineffective online communication. Ecommerce merchandise strategy involves the tactics or processers that businesses use to contribute to sales of their products or services to customers for a profit, and with the right eCommerce merchandising strategy, you’re set up to see a massive spike in online sales and an increase in customers returning to your business. With that said, here are our 4 ways automation helps reduce eCommerce costs.

1. Provides Greater Productivity and Efficiency

Without Automated Merchandising, your teams are left to suffer the indignities and taxing processes of manually enriching your merchandising content: collecting, enriching, and delivering. If you’re a business with hundreds or thousands or even more SKUs, eCommerce merchandising is a significant task. You would need to manage and organize all the data and content associated with each SKU; properly classify these SKUs and understand channel requirements. Instead, consider the monumental advantage of product content enrichment like classification, and how, with it, a buyer’s journey is made that much smoother without you or your teams exerting yourself needlessly on delivering these customer-specific semantics that ultimately would better help a customer find and purchase what they’re looking for. With such an automated system set in place, you and your teams are now freed up to rally your collective focus towards tasks and challenges that actually need your undivided attention.

With automated merchandising, you’re increasing productivity through efficiency, which will very quickly cause a positive rippling effect that will see a brand-new rise in sales, traffic, and repeat customers.  

2. Removes the Element of Human Error

Let’s face it, you and your teams might be incredible at your job, at running your digital commerce initiatives with proficiency, but all it takes is that one bad day, that one morning where you or one of your teammates failed to get enough sleep, or a mistake causes a ripple effect and suddenly your business comes under danger of that most detrimental malady – human error. Automated merchandising removes that opportunity for mishap completely and instead provides surety to you and your customers that when it comes to interaction with your product, service, or brand, the customer experience will always remain pleasant, smooth, and satisfactory. With automated merchandising, there are no such things as hiccups or speed bumps, just consistent efficiency.

3. Achieve Goals & Objectives Faster

It’s important to set up goals for your business, for, without objectives, you’re not moving and growing. But without an effective strategy to ensure that those objectives are achieved, you’re opening up space for catastrophe. Are you trying to generate greater leads and conversations? Is it your goal to scale your business with increased CTRs and reduced costs? Are you trying to free up employees time to work on other initiatives like analyzing performance and optimizations? If the answer to these questions is yes, then automated merchandising becomes your key to success. With automated merchandising, you’re achieving your goals, completing your objectives, and doing so without having to incorporate any physical effort: not from you or your teams. Automated merchandising is passive productivity, efficiency, and success, and it’s yours to implement at any time.

4. Instant Implementation to Suit Marketing and Sales Ambitions

So, you and your teams have come together with some great marketing ideas in preparations for upcoming events or holidays that you know are going to incite shoppers to go on a full-scale shopping frenzy? Well, the good news is that no matter what plans you have up your sleeves to meet the demands of your customers, automated merchandising allows you to implement those ideas without disrupting your already set-in-place functions. With just a simple click, your new marketing ideas can fall into place, whether that be offering limited discounts or rearranging product placement. Automated merchandising gets things moving speedily and properly.

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Automate Online Merchandising and Watch Your Business Transform.

The fact remains that when you incorporate Al-powered tools into your online business, you ensure your online store and customers are being looked after. Because the days when employing people to manage everything are gone. Instead, the Al tools are here to offer services that allow us to achieve greater levels of success and prosperity. Out with the old, in with the new, as they say.

At Zoovu, we put processes in place that automate merchandising so that you’re left with reduced costs and more opportunities to scale your business. With Zoovu on your side, you drive the customer experience to new heights with Al solutions that were created to become catalysts for growth. To learn more about how to scale your business and increase your online presence through AL-powered tools, get in touch with us today.